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The UNISK® League has united around a common quest: to turn the business world upside down by placing people back at its center.


Super Heroes

Tuyet Vân Vu

Tuyet Vân



Tutu is French (yes… we do accept everyone at UNISK®). She arrived in the flat country to work as a consultant in big pharmaceutical companies (which we won’t mention but that everyone knows). After a few years of experience as a quality and compliance engineer, she decided to give up everything to look for more purpose in her life. Very keen on environmental issues, she went volunteering in Indonesia for a reforestation project.

She developed then a taste for social and sustainable entrepreneurship and decided to follow a training course to explore these themes. Not believing that life is made of chances, it is during that training that she met Nunu, who has since then become her accomplice in entrepreneurial crime. For a while, she satisfied her hunger for challenges (or just her hunger) with a mission in an e-commerce startup in the organic food sector, before fully transforming herself into a UNISK® unicorn.

Tutu does not only sum up in a career path! She is a volleyball player, she loves to travel, loves to eat (at any time!), reads by the beach (preferably) and can let her geek side go wild during her spare time. She is also a mega fan of process implementation 😉

Nuria Miranda




Nunu was born in Portugal and made Belgium her adopted country. Very early on (as early as her teenage years), she was attracted by challenges and the excitement of organizing events to unite people around a common goal. Organizer of summer camps for children (blending in with her mini-height), active in youth movements, volunteer in associations … She took the path of entrepreneurship during her studies, taking up the challenge of professionalizing a non-profit organization. The mission ? Organizing events for the youth at the end of secondary school to raise awareness about social and humanitarian entrepreneurship.

With this amazing human experience in the non-profit sector, she turned to the dark side of the force (we’re joking) : From Event Manager to Production Director in the private sector, to managing a Belgian fashion startup, or launching a big fundraising event for a large NGO, and even managing a coworking space, … Lots of challenges!

Oh yes ! She also loves playing field hockey and tennis, sailing, sharing nice moments around a good meal (doesn’t eat as much as Tutu, only Pasteis de Nata), and sometimes she lets her pyromaniac side free to organize barbecues …

UNISK® is the story of a crazy dream that was living inside Nunu’s head: how to reveal people’s unique talents in a fun and playful way? How about fun challenges instead of stressful and rigid interviews? And even crazier, why not take the opportunity to do it collectively? When Nunu and Tutu’s paths crossed, it sparked. Nunu talked to Tutu about his idea. Enthusiastic, she boarded the ship. They decided to join a startup accelerator. Their application was selected and UNISK® was born… within Coopcity.


Master Jedi

Board of experts

An experimented team in management coaching and corporate strategy.

Brigitte Annet - Coach certifiée. Maître praticien PNL


Facilitator of human excellence

Certified coach. Master practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NPL)

Expertise in Leadership, Human ecology and emotional intelligence.

More than 20 years experience in Business Development. 

#Emotional Intelligence


#Team Spirit

Loïc Lauwers - Manager, Coach spécialisé dans la facilitation de l’intelligence collective


Impact Activator

Manager. Coach facilitator. 

With 23 years of commercial expertise in major corporations.

Certified practitioner in Questiology. 

Facilitator with the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methodology certified by AVEA PARTNERS – Paris.




Amaury Senterre : Psychologue, 20 ans d’expérience en RH

Amaury Senterre

Passionate about human dynamics


20 years of experience in Human Resources. 

Recruitment specialist and trained at the “Ecole des Talents” (School of Talents).




Caroline Blaimont

Facilitator of change

Certified Coach and Trainer-Coach.

Traning in Traditional Chinese Medecine in process.

Program Project Manager for more than 20 years in Finances, Risk Management, Digital transformation and Data.

#Positive Attitude




Developper of Potential

Certified coach and Trainer-coach.

Trained to mediation and conflict management. Training to Systemic Coaching in progress.

15 years of commercial and managerial experience in corporation.

#Problem Solving



UNIcoach Agency

Alongside of our master Jedi

A community of coaches with multiple talents to support you as closely as possible to your needs!

Olivier Dekeyser

Liberator of


More than 25 years of expertise in emergent systemic diagnosis, cultural and organizational transformation strategy, operational coaching of transformation processes.

Muriel Wart


#Caring Stimulation

Certified Life Coach. 15 years of experience as an instructor in human relationships (management, dealing with conflicts, communication …) and 10 years as Training & Assessment manager for a large administration.

Stephanie Kuth

Catalyst of


25 years of experience in Talent Management and Experimental Learning in multinationals and startups. Certified coach in Neurocognitive & Behavioral Approach, Positive Psychology, Hogan Assessments and MBTI.

Amélie Lemaire


#Collaboration Spirit

Certified coach, trainer (in outplacement, consulting in recruitment and entrepreneur. 12 years of experience in multinationals as a Marketing Manager, giving her a fine understanding of the codes of the corporate world.

Laurent Auquière

It's team
time !

#Team Spirit

Engineer and CEO of companies for more than 15 years. Trained for coaching in Colorado, Laurent brings his analytical side and empathy to support positively your self-evaluation.

Hélène Herwats

Supporter of
human blooming


Consultant in recruitment, more than 15 years of experience in HR. Evolutive coach©, Neurocognitive and Behavioural Approach. Trained in Non-Violent Communication and Collective Intelligence. 

Stéphanie Desmit



Individual and Team Coach & Facilitator. Master in industrial and commercial Psychology. More than 10 years of experience in HR, in Learning & Development as much as in recruitment, in public and private sectors.

Pétra Denruyter



Certified mediator and wellbeing coach. More than 20 years of experience in project management in large companies.

Olivier Lecomte



Certified coach, Trainer-coach. Organization systemician, Conflict Management, Restaurative circles. 20 years of experience in technical and human resources (VSEs, SMEs and large companies. Private and Public sector).

Gratia Lauwers


#Listening skills

Certified coach, Job coaching and HR specialist in private, public and associative sectors. 21 years of experience in recruitment, career development, professional transition, outplacement, inplacement, skills assessment and training.

Stas de Richelle

Awakener of

#Positive Energy

15 years of experience in HR, marketing and agile coaching. Certified coach in Neuro-Linguisting Programming, trained in Neurocognitive and Behavioral approach and team transitionnal systemic. Explorer of collective intelligence tools.

Martín Del Pozo



Certified coach. Trained as a lawyer and economist, with more than 7 years of experience in law field, project management and Human Resources in a multicultural environment (public and private sectors).




Certified coach. Trained at collective intelligence. Experienced in project management and consulting in the private sector. 



Let’s drop our (super hero) masks and dare to be true to ourself!


Let’s forget pressure and play to reveal our super powers!


Let’s unite and create bonds to strengthen the collective power.


Whether we are Batman or Superwoman, let’s not be afraid of our differences and let’s embrace them!

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